Your body is welcome here.

Body Justice is the center of my work.
Resistance is at the heart.


Some bodies are targeted for oppression.

Fat bodies. Black bodies. Queer bodies—any body that falls outside the lines of the thin, white, cisnormative, able-bodied ideal (and especially those who live at the intersections).


Our society is structured to make sure you stay inside these lines.

And if you can’t, or don’t, or decide to resist— you’re seen (and treated) as a problem.

But what if, instead of helping you adjust to these narrow parameters, we moved towards a culture where we didn’t have them to begin with?

What if, instead of trying to redraw the lines, we rejected the idea of lines altogether?

What if, instead of trying to comply with systems that rely on us being disconnected from ourselves, we resisted any cultural ideals that require disconnection from our own wisdom?

This is my work.


I trust it and I trust you.

It’s finally time for a holy rebellion.

I welcome your resistance as something to be nurtured and celebrated, not something to overcome or ignore.

Because the social parameters we’ve been forced to live inside were not designed for us to be free—and it’s finally time to step out of line and see what else is out there.


I'm Carmen Cool (she/her)

—a politicized therapist, educator, speaker, & activist helping people heal their relationships with food and their bodies.

For the past 20 years, I’ve been working to dismantle diet culture, support the next generation of body liberation leaders, and shift the psychotherapy profession toward justice.

I believe that the goal of therapy should never be to help you adjust to oppression.

I believe in carbs.

I believe relationships are where healing takes place.

And you know what else?

I love my clients. And that’s the radical truth that informs everything I do.

Desiree Adaway

“How often do we get the opportunity to learn from a teacher that completely alters our view of how we perceive the world?”

“Carmen has awakened me to weight stigma - how my ideals aren’t always consistent with my actions, and also my responsibility to use what I’ve learned as a springboard to become more informed, to be in action and solidarity. She is reframing traditional therapy and her teaching and writing creates real change. She is also one of the most beautiful souls I know.”

Desiree Adaway

The Adaway Group

Connection is everything.

Join me for conversations, updates, embodied practices and ways to take action. We need each other.